Let’s make the indie web easier: We need more than WordPress

link: https://gilest.org/indie-easy.html

As someone with a lot of technical expertise in this area who has set up and used WordPress extensively, and very recently set up a new WordPress instance (and am still setting it up the way I want it), this post resonates.

I’ll assume that we’re all on board with the 2024 indie web revival. We all want things to get weird again, right? Yeah.

And, I’ll assume we all agree that owning your own website is a good thing, and we all want more people to do it.

But here’s the thing: we need more tools for it. We need simpler tools for it. And we need to make installing and using them trivially simple.

Even if you are able to figure out how to get WordPress or some other software set up in the way you like it, with the plugins and themes and customizations that do all of the things you want, you still need to be able to use it regularly to get actual content onto the internet.

I’d love for the friction of sharing content here to be as minimal as possible, especially from my phone, so I end up doing it more. It needs to be as easy as posting to Twitter or Mastodon—open an app or share to an app, type text into a box, and hit send.

Hopefully I’ll be able to reduce the friction in my own workflow as much as possible over the coming months.

2 responses to “Let’s make the indie web easier: We need more than WordPress”

  1. Robbie G Avatar

    Share here if you develop something that could make something like this easier for less-tech-inclined people.

    1. I will, but also don’t hold your breath!

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