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  • Manifesto for a Humane Web

    link: humanewebmanifesto.com The web is becoming hostile to humans. Users are tracked and their privacy is routinely violated. Search results are populated with ads. We are constantly spammed by bots. Generative AI threatens to turn previously useful public forums into soulless marketing soup, while sacrificing the livelihoods of the creators that unwittingly power them. Power-hungry…

  • Let’s make the indie web easier: We need more than WordPress

    link: https://gilest.org/indie-easy.html As someone with a lot of technical expertise in this area who has set up and used WordPress extensively, and very recently set up a new WordPress instance (and am still setting it up the way I want it), this post resonates. I’ll assume that we’re all on board with the 2024 indie…

  • The Internet Is About To Get Weird Again

    This article is a nice summary of how I have been feeling lately, and is the reason I decided to start this website. I’m currently feeling hopeful about the future of independent media, RSS, and ActivityPub. The Internet Is About To Get Weird Again