Ghost is federating over ActivityPub


When I started this blog, I thought that Ghost looked really great but I chose WordPress largely because there was an official ActivityPub plugin being developed. So I find the news that Ghost is adopting ActivityPub this year to become part of the Fediverse.

Email gave us private messaging technology that isn’t owned by a single company. You can communicate with anyone, whether you use Gmail or Outlook.

ActivityPub is doing the same for social technology. It’s a protocol that allows people across different platforms to follow, like and reply to one another. No algorithms. No lock-in. No bullshit.

The open web is coming back, and with it returns diversity. You can both publish independently and grow faster than ever before with followers from all over the world & the web.

There’s a good chance I’ll switch from WordPress to Ghost once this lands. Hopefully the migration isn’t too painful.

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