The fediverse, explained


If you have heard about the fediverse but don’t really know what that means, this article is for you.

At some point over the last year, you’ve probably come across the term “fediverse” a few times. Maybe you’ve read about it here at The Verge or seen some internet oldhead talking on their blog about how this is the internet they were hoping for back in 1993. Maybe someone sent you that “Protocols, Not Platforms” article so you’d think they were smart.

The fediverse is a little like HTTP or the nitrogen to oxygen ratio in the air: very important, all around you, but probably not something you need to think about in your day to day. But if the fediverse is actually going to change the internet — and I think it might — it’s worth understanding just a little better.

So I’ve read the posts. I’ve talked to the oldheads. I have protocol-ed. I have platform-ed. And I think I can help.

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