The Day I Put $50,000 in a Shoe Box and Handed It to a Stranger


A cautionary tale that walks you through the details of some of the scams that people are currently being targeted with, and how anyone might fall victim. I recommend reading the whole thing so you can be better prepared if you find this sort of thing happening to you.

The man on the phone knew my home address, my Social Security number, the names of my family members, and that my 2-year-old son was playing in our living room. He told me my home was being watched, my laptop had been hacked, and we were in imminent danger. “I can help you, but only if you cooperate,” he said. His first orders: I could not tell anyone about our conversation, not even my spouse, or talk to the police or a lawyer.

This also sounds similar to a scam that was recently reported in my community:

On Feb. 9 Northfield police officers responded to a report that a woman was being scammed. Bank records showed the woman had sent over $100,000 in cash, checks and bitcoin, according to a court complaint.

The woman had been convinced to put an app on her cellphone that gave the scammer or scammers access to her phone and they were able to access her bank account and transfer additional funds, the court document states. An officer observed someone was remotely using the phone.

The day prior, the woman followed a scammer’s instructions to go to the Twin Cities and purchase $155,000 in gold.

Stay smart out there, folks.

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