Katerina McCrimmon is a star in Funny Girl

Sam and I attended a performance Funny Girl at the Orpheum in Minneapolis this weekend. I hadn’t seen the show before and didn’t know much about it before, so my expectations were somewhat low. However, I left bedazzled by Katerina McCrimmon’s performance in the lead role as Fanny Brice.

I can’t disagree with anything in the Star Tribune’s review:

Move over, Barbra Streisand, there’s a new Fanny Brice who is bringing fresh sparks to the old chestnut that made you famous 60 years ago.

Katerina McCrimmon is the real deal, folks. She brings humor, heart and genuine star power to the title character of Broadway’s “Funny Girl,” which opened Tuesday at Minneapolis’ Orpheum Theatre for a six-day run.

Belting like a banshee jacked up on dreams and love, she shows us that nobody, not even the dreamboat Nick Arnstein to whom she gives her treasure and heart, is going to rain on her parade, even if she has to steel herself a bit to believe her own words.

Try to see this production starring Katerina if you are able to. Hers is one of the best performances I can remember.

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